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Creative Professional

Paul was drawn to video production for the technical aspect, but quickly learned the importance of storytelling. that is required. As he grew from an independent film maker, he grew his business and gained an incredible amount of experience along the way.

His company office has been located in downtown New Westminster since 2011. He now employs a half-dozen staff and manages a team of several dozen photographers and videographers during their seasonal peaks.

Paul’s practices a wide range of creative skills, but is truly empowered through the overall skills of his team.

To see some of Paul’s professional work, you can visit

Lego Millennium Falcon

One of Paul’s early “claims to fame” was a stop motion video he co-created that went viral on YouTube in 2007.

This was in the very early days of YouTube, even before they had HD video. Achieving 3 million views in that era was quite the feat.

“I think what’s amazing about this is that even in the relatively early stages of youtube, you had amazing content like this. The choreography was really good, and the animations was quite good as well. It’s honestly one of the best stop motion lego films that I’ve ever seen.”

“One of the first youtube videos I ever saw. It still holds up today. Fantastic work, guys!!! <3 <3 <3”

“Oh my gosh this is so nostalgic. I haven’t seen this video since I was like 9.”

“This video is pretty much part of my childhood”

With 15+ years in business, Paul has refined his skills in many creative areas.


Video Editor


Digital Audio

Live Streaming Video

Web Development

Graphic Design

and More!

Business Related Skills

Project Management

Product Development

Business Development

Market Analysis